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Track Repair

Why you should repair your garage door track

Track Repair Track repairs frequently happen with garage doors. This is because over time anything can start to begin forming bumps and dents. Similar to when you start having busted wheels, however, if you let it go on too long it can cause big time damage to your garage door.

Information like this changes the way that a garage door functions. An inepensive track repair can save you so much when compared to the possible large investment dollar garage door replacement due to neglect.

How we repair your track!

Bracket Tightening – The brackets are the first thing we inspect when we are looking for your track. If any seem loose, they can emit the telltale squeal that most people chalk up to broken tracks. If they are loose, we tighten them.

Vertical Track – The vertical track rollers are the first thing we are going to inspect for tears, bumps, dents, etc. These are often the ones that have damage the least, but they still deserve an inspection.

Garage Door Repair Royal Palm BeachOverhead Track – The overhead track is often the most difficult to change and also the one that most often receives damage. This is due to the way the garage door hangs from the bearings as well as the intersection between overhead and vertical.

Repair and Replacement – The easiest way to repair a track repair is to smooth out the dents and the bumps in the track. If these are unable to be changed, then we would simply purchase new tracks and replace them the same day which is a slightly lengthier process.

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