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Garage Door Service, Repair & Installation

Palm Beach County Residential Garage Door Repair Services

It’s early in the morning and you are heading to work. You open up your garage and find that you’re tired of dealing with a slow, squeaky garage door. But, today it gets completely stuck and won’t open. Now, that noisy garage door has become a bigger problem. You need to get to work and you’re not sure what to do. Well, we’ve got news for you. At United Garage Door Solutions, we make sure to extend our hand to people in need.

Our team of trained, certified and experienced specialists have been in the business for over twenty years and are highly capable of handling any and all garage door repair needs! We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver services throughout the South Florida Tri-County area. With our services you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of waiting again because we deliver on our 1-hour response time.

Residential Garage Door Repair

When it comes to home repairs, people will sometimes try their hand at the task before contacting a professional. But when it comes to your garage doors, we recommend you contact a specialist to come and take a look at the issue because there are many parts that need to be inspected, repaired or replaced. You want to make sure you are getting the job done 100% correctly the first time, which is why we are extending our hand to you. Let us take care of your garage door repair needs, while you enjoy the comfort of your home.


  •     Roller Replacement
  •     Spring Replacement
  •     Door Installation
  •     Maintenance
  •     Keypad Installation
  •     Remote/Car Programming
  •     Garage Opener Repair/Replacement
  •     Cable Replacement
  •     Sensor Replacement
  •     Track Repair/Replacement
  •     Tune-Ups

On top of these services, we offer our top of the line 25-point inspection to assess your garage door and make sure it is functioning safely and efficiently. We also offer weather-proofing services. Our expect technicians will inspect your garage to find any nooks or crannies where water might be entering. Once the inspection is complete, we will seal up any leaks with industrial grade sealant to reinforce the area. And if you want to take weather-proofing to the next level, we also offer hurricane-proofing. We accommodate for wind resistance as well to help your garage survive hurricane conditions.

We also believe that accessibility is the primary purpose of a garage door. To further enhance accessibility, we offer keypad and remote entry installation. Our technicians will also happily help wire and program keyed entry for those who wish to access the garage door from the outside. We will also program a garage door remote to allow distant access from your garage door. You will no longer need to leave your car to open the door. Instead with the click of a button, you can enter your garage hassle-free!

How can we help?

Garage door repair can be complicated to handle, but let us make it simple for you. Dial us at 561-801-7335 and tell us what problems you are facing. We will give you a consultation on the spot and have a technician at your door in under one hour!