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Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage Door Cable ReplacementGarage Door Cable Replacement

When cables become rusted, they can slow down the door endlessly as well as make an awful noise when you are trying to use it. With our quick and easy cable replacement process, we can have your system up and run in no time at all.

Replacing cables is dangerous to do alone, this is one of the few services that we highly discourage people from doing it on their own, only for the sole fact that it is much easier and much less expensive if you merely hire a professional. If you do it yourself, you risk the cables being too loose and the garage does not open or worse, falls. You could also hurt yourself on the spring or while anchoring the door properly.

Our ProcessGarage Door Repair Miami

How to Deal with the Spring – The first step that we take is to deal with the spring. The spring is the only part of the system that can hurt someone in a vicious matter. Bumps and bruises are common and treating the spring with respect is he best way to avoid ending up without a finger.

Threading and Anchoring – Next what we will be doing are threading and anchoring. Threading the cables will make it much easier to slide the pieces together.

Tightening – A responsive garage door is a tight garage door and tightening them together. By tightening them, we allow the springs to move easier without the risk of snagging or slowing. However, if you overtighten them, you risk the spring shooting out, but unless you are a weightlifter, there isn’t much chance of that.

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