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Automatic & Electric Residential Gates

Palm Beach County Gate Repair

From the equestrian estates of Southwest Ranches to the grand houses of Miami, gates have been a staple of South Florida design. Gates are a beautiful accessory to any home or place of business. But when issues arise from malfunctioning gates, you will want to call a specialist as soon as possible. Even though operating a broken gate is easier than handling a broken garage door, we recommend you get the gate fixed to avoid any further damages that may occur. It can be a hassle to have to manually open a gate every time you want to leave your driveway or your gated community’s gates.

And we understand that an issue may come about in the late hours of the night, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services. We want to make sure that you, your community and/or your place of business is in safe hands. Our technicians are readily available throughout the South Florida Tri-County area. We have years of experience and many glowing reviews that you may find helpful. Often times, we find that similar situations arise and our customers find comfort in reviews that explain how we handled a prior circumstance.


Slide Gates

Slide gates are considered the most optimal gates, even though they are known as “mysterious gates.” They have one form of motion, which makes it easy to assess. The most common problem with slide gates come from the rollers and motors. Our highly skilled specialists have years of handling slide gates. We service all sub-types: Cantilever, Rear Pipe Track, and V-Track Slide.


Swing Gates

Having been labeled the “theatrical gate,” the swing gate offers great presentation and functionality. However, problems can arise when the pivot functionality malfunctions or if the motors burn out. In such a situation, we ask our customers to stand back and let our skilled technicians handle the repair, replacement or installation of swing gates.


Barrier Gates

When it comes to barrier gates, they are primarily used as a precaution and as a method of enforcement. So when the gate is not functioning as it should be, we recommend you call on United Garage Door Solutions to make sure your barrier gates are working to their highest caliber.


Vertical Pivot & Lift Gates

Vertical pivot gates are few. You do not come across them often and it can be hard to find a professional who has had previous experience working with vertical pivot gates. The good news is that our team of specialists are experienced at handling both vertical pivot and lift gates. The mechanics are very similar because they both make use of strong motors and large springs.


Electronic Repair

Our technicians receive the necessary training and certification to handle various types of gates. We are capable of fixing all electronic systems for gates, while also being able to install new systems as well as keypads and backup motors. Regardless of the issue, our team of experts are more than capable of handling the task swiftly and efficiently.

Gate Replacement

United Garage Door Solutions has been in business for several years. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver on our promise of 24/7 emergency services, as well as our 1-hour response time. We offer a wide selection of gates for sale and replacement. Call us at 561-801-7335 to speak to one of our technicians about the ordering, shipping and installation process. Just sit back, relax and let our skilled specialists handle any and all your needs.